Scrubs Caption Contest! – February 3, 2014

Last Week’s Winner


“This is one area where you CANNOT place a tourniquet!” submitted by Amy Gummert via Facebook.

This Week’s Contest – February 3, 2013


What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner! See our past winners here!

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10 Responses to Scrubs Caption Contest! – February 3, 2014

  1. ahinoj03

    Let’s relax and listen to some soft music while we rest our feet, said no nurse ever.

  2. Petunia Petals

    Oh, everyone!! Come quick. The new call light system is here! This will be so neat. Now, the patient just presses a button, and we will know they need us! No more long walks down to their rooms every few minutes to check on them.

  3. nannadto6

    I have 10 minutes left on my break, and I am going to blast the volume up on this song “Rocking The Night Away” to get me ready for the last 4 hours of this 12 hour night shift!!!!

  4. Psybermage

    Why does this radio have a 150j setting?

  5. goldilocs

    After those 12 hrs I am ready to PARTY, but these damn nylons have chaffed me raw! I’ll just smile and act like nothing is wrong and smile, like I learned in school.

  6. SueGallenstein

    So you like the whites and cap? Get over it!

  7. Ames

    Hey, Im on the radio….”World exclusive, nurse takes a break….”

  8. Cariann00

    Its time for a little one on one with the doctor:)

  9. darlin

    And when I turn this on, the tube will release a fast acting enema. OK, is the sheet good and tight? Here we goooooo.

  10. kissmekate

    End of the 4th straight days of 12 hour midnight shifts… “I can’t seem to get my car to start!”