Scrubs Caption Contest! – January 26, 2015

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No submissions this week – leave your caption below!


This Week’s Contest – January 26, 2014



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8 Responses to Scrubs Caption Contest! – January 26, 2015

  1. Suie

    No really, I can breathe fine!!

  2. Alisha Underwood

    If this doesn’t work out, at least we’re all set for the convent.

  3. Prissy Crouse

    Nurses were saintly creatures back in those days. Look at the nun’s cap!

  4. Leilajo

    Wonder if I should tell them I forgot my knickers this morning?!

  5. Gmac

    Oh, you need pain medication and a dressing change? I’ll be right back, as soon s I chop some wood and sweep the floor.

  6. Allison Scaccia

    I’m chaffing so bad right now…

  7. pattygirl56

    Can’t make up my mind, the convent or the armed forces.

  8. Christen Drakey Feola

    This seasons spring fashion statement…. Personalized malaria nursing caps to go with the military on-the-go look.