Scrubs caption contest! – July 23, 2012

Last Week’s Winner

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“Sears and Roebuck has a hospital bed right here….”

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This Week’s Contest – July 23, 2012

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What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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9 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – July 23, 2012

  1. nofear4me23

    Awaitng the ATIVAN salt lick…so we can get thru the day

  2. Maybe we can’t actually go to the beach, but at least we can sit under this umbrella!

  3. PeaceLoveNursing RN

    “Surely the doctors won’t find us out here!”

  4. mark439

    You are under the umbrella of extraordinary nurses- a great place to be!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jflo513rn RN

    Quiet ladies, here come the new medical students. Never let them see you sweat and cover up those ankles MIldred.

  6. andette

    Another day in paradise!!!

  7. RN

    We might as well rest. It’s going to take the Doctors forever to figure it out. lol

  8. RNDeb67470 Student

    With some guided imagery, sand and margaritas we can pretend we’re in Hawaii! Ah! Another day in paradise!

    • carollynnSKJ Caption Contest

      Girls,I hope experiment proving that the sun is not good for the skin will someday be taken seriously.