Scrubs caption contest! – July 4, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

nurse caption contest

“Nurse: “I know you from somewhere. Oh yeah, you flipped me off the other day!” Hmmmm, small world. . . .BIG needle!””

– submitted by Jennifer Lowe

This Week’s Contest – July 4, 2011

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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18 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – July 4, 2011

  1. Thadra

    Just wondering shouldn’t they be asleep before we guess at what’s wrong with them.

  2. Jenni

    “Now what is it we are supposed to cut out?”

  3. Rigas Papagolos

    Hey guys check out my new ‘smart phone’ I know it has G4, I can play mp3’s, I can surf the web, send e-mail, and take pictures. What I want to know is can I make a phone call with it?

  4. Katelyn Price

    “How does that song go again? The hip bone connected to the…?”

  5. Gabi Miller

    “I’d say he’s awake, but unable to move!” “Naa, he’s just sleeping with his eyes open!” “Make your incision and see if he blinks!”

  6. Colie P.

    ” haha Steve! you hit the side! Put the bucket back in his knee!”


    “oops. Is the spleen supposed to do that?”

  7. Penny

    How did they get that stuck there?

  8. Carol A

    Hmmm, what did you say was for dinner again?

  9. Jeffrey Bodurka

    The next thing you see post-op will be the people who really get you on your feet again, the nursing staff.

  10. Mindy Harper

    Things you NEVER want your surgical team to say…………..”Hey, y’all—what IS that?!?!?!”

  11. Rebecca

    Should we re-figure the versed level on this one ? I thought its half-life of one to four hours…. Perhaps, Lorazepam would’ve been a better choice. when is this guy going to sleep ???

  12. Tara

    Just what you thought you’ve seen it all… there’s THAT thing- what is that again? Is it really legal to eat that?

  13. Tara

    Ooops— “Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…. there’s THAT thing- what is that again? Is it really legal to eat that?”

  14. karen shepardson

    Can someone find a nurse to tell us how to do this?

  15. Candace Helter

    Hey guys , Come look at this mole this guy has on his nose … I wonder if we said we had to make an inscion there, if he would mind us cutting it off

  16. Jeanne Vacca

    Do you think you could put me to sleep before you start?Thanks!

  17. Jennifer Lowe

    Patient: “I wasn’t aware that ‘New Kids on the Block’ would be performing my surgery!”

  18. I thought you said this guy had a gallbladder with stones, I do not see one where is it????