Scrubs caption contest! – June 27, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

nurse caption contest

“The next person who schedules mandatory training at 7:30 AM after my night shift gets up close and personal with a rectal tube.”

– submitted by Lisa Millham

This Week’s Contest – June 27, 2011

nurse caption contest

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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28 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – June 27, 2011

  1. Rigas Papagolos

    Oh my god look at the size of that thing!

  2. Tamara Berry

    Triage nurse on Sunday night in ED – “Everyone here for a work note for tomorrow, the line begins here.”

  3. Jennifer Lowe

    Nurse: “I know you from somewhere. Oh yeah, you flipped me off the other day!” Hmmmm, small world. . . .BIG needle!”

  4. Cathy Fodor

    It’s not the size of the needle…’s how well its given!

  5. Stephanie Williamson

    Nurse with a stripper name ! Classic!

  6. Jennifer

    Patient: I’d rather have a shot of whiskey!

  7. Not again! Would you look at the size of that needle!

  8. Next time you talk back, You get two shots of estrogen.

  9. Druann

    Yes sir, I have done this before. Let me show you!

  10. Brent Daugherty

    Patient: First a thermometer up my butt now a needle in my arm? What gauge is that needle?

  11. And just WHERE do you think you’re putting that thing, lady???

  12. jennifer lam

    That needle is so will go through my rear end and i will feel it at the tip of my penis.!!!!

  13. Nikki

    “This won’t hurt NEARLY as much as that HANGOVER you UNDOUBTEDLY are going to have in the morning!”

  14. “No, I won’t ‘kiss it & make it better’…”

  15. anthony

    can I have a lolli when we are done?

  16. Tiffany

    Nurse to Sick Maintenance Guy: “You said you would fix the break room cable YESTERDAY- I missed Grey’s because you called in sick.”

  17. Kitrina

    “Does that say 1 ml or 10 ml? I should have worn my bifocals….”

  18. Kitrina

    A little IM Haldol never hurt anyone.

  19. Natascha de la Court

    Patient: ” That needle is going WHERE?”

  20. Dot

    Sir, they have to numb for the doc to do then snip-snip. Now spread your legs…

  21. Frances

    “You know the saying, ‘It’s not how big it is ~ it’s how you use it.'”

  22. Marybeth

    “Can I have fries with that?”

  23. Audrey Snell

    Don’t worry…I stayed at Motel 6 last night!

  24. Ashlea Keel

    Patient: You’re going to stick that where?!

  25. corrine

    nurse,how can we help you today,female pt well i was talking to my friend the other day who has the same symptoms as i do,and he had is prostatechecked and now he’s all better,can i have my prostat checked,nurse sorry but women do not have prostates

  26. Jamie Munn

    Pt: “Man…when I started dating that ER nurse….I REALLY should have told her I was married!”

  27. Dani Thompson RN

    Sure sure! We’ll get that you prescription. We just need to run a few tests, draw some blood, and give you a few shots first…you know for the insurance company and such… so here’s the needle I’ll be using…hmmm what’s that floating in there…what’s that? Oh! now would you’d like to tell me what’s REALLY going on?! Oh OK.

  28. Jeanne Vacca

    Don’t worry,you’ll be okay!I gave my first shot this AM,so now I have it down really good.