Scrubs caption contest! – March 21, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

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“Tune in next week to find out which student nurse gets eliminated!”

– submitted by Rebecca Kozowyk

This Week’s Contest – March 21, 2011

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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91 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – March 21, 2011

  1. Janet

    “My magic medicine cup make ALL my troubles fade away….even the irritating, demanding patients!”

  2. Shelly

    Here’s you silver bullet!

  3. Lori

    I told the patient we were out of narcotics and he dissapeared!

  4. ah hah! the specimen of liquid gold!!

  5. sherry

    Nurse brings empty cup into room and quickly exits to retrieve the patients meds. Nurse arrives back to the room and finds a suprise.

    Laughing to herself. Nurse states “I said I’ll be right back to give your meds po, not I’ll be right back to get your poo.”

  6. sherry

    I said I would be right back to give your meds po, NOT that I would be right back to get your poo!

  7. Nancy

    Sorry, you’re on fluid restrictions and you can only have this 30 ml of water to take your 15 pills with!

  8. Laurie

    Really…..takes like cherries!

  9. Sherri Staffelli LPN

    (Just out of view is the patient):” Excuse me nurse, you want me to pee in what?….”

  10. kara lerssen

    “Mr. Davis, you are the proud father of a baby stone!”

  11. Amanda Bittner

    “Nothing like a fresh sample of pee to start the morning.”

  12. Sandy

    Oh Dear ! If only I had my glasses !

  13. Christy

    In the great kidney stone rush of 2011, Sheryl knew she had struck it rich with 36 grams of the finest oxalate this side of the Mississippi!

  14. Tammy White


  15. Shari Roman, RN

    A dose of ” Let it snow” should keep him quiet all night!

  16. Lisa

    Is that 5 oz or 8 oz?? I can’t see anything without my glasses.

  17. cindy spacht

    There you are! I knew I’d find you sooner or later!

  18. Patti

    “This reminds me, I am really thirsty.”

  19. Cassandra Doppsmith RN

    How is your aim today?

  20. Christi H.

    “No Sir, I promise. It’s lemonade”

  21. Lori Yarnell

    No, sir I think you are quite capable of going in the cup on your own!

  22. Dottie

    Nurse: Drink THIS and you’ll thank me! he he he…..

  23. Mary Schaefer

    “Look what we recovered from your colonoscopy!”

  24. missy russell

    1 for the patient 2 for the nurse!! lol

  25. missy

    1 for the patient 2 for the nurse

  26. dawn smith

    “Mr Smith, your sake’ shot is glowing today…”

  27. John burke

    That’s quite a rock. I just might have it mounted in a platinum setting.

  28. Nancy Gruenler

    “Thanks for rolling over Mr Murphy, I knew I left my coffee cup in here”

  29. Karen

    “Now, THAT’S what I call a specimen!”

  30. Julie Leneave

    You want me to do what!?!

  31. Carol Cowan

    I guess the JCPenney bra catalogue isn’t working. Maybe a breastfeeding video will help get a specimen.

  32. Carrie

    Yes this IS the “magic pill” that will treat the pain, nausea, runny nose, gas pains, gout, arthritis, sore throat, UTI, headache, back spasms, rash, diarhea, earache, sinus infection, ulcer, fever and sleeplessness that we give to all our patients here at QuickCare Urgent Care Center!

  33. Audra Mancuso

    Vitamin “H”, the vitamin of choice…….(Haldol, makes all the troubles disappear)

  34. Ann Cothran

    One more shot of tequila should get me through this shift!

  35. Susan Thames

    Only 30 more glasses left for you to drink of your Golightly Mr.Cooper !

  36. Cheryl Beasy

    Guess the patient thought he was in a restaurant! I just received a tip!

  37. Bernadette

    Threathen a cathether…get a specimen. Works every time!

  38. JoAnn

    If your BM is diamonds, your urine must be GOLD!!!

  39. shilka

    “I can’t remember if this was the med cup or the specimen cup . . . darn those call lights!”

  40. Kathy Sowder

    I knew my little pep talk would scare it out of him

  41. michelle m

    This should shut him up!

  42. michelle m

    This should shut him up!

  43. Darren

    Long since divorced .. Nurse Nancy brings in THE BLUE PILL … and hopes….



  45. Michelle korupp

    “I guess this will have to do!”

  46. Melanie Meyer

    “This magic pill will make everything all better”

  47. Michelle

    The patient asks, “Nurse, is everything okay?”
    Nurse says, “Well, Mr. Deadam, let me put it in a nutshell…” Nurse smiles and looks at the cup
    “…All that glitters is “not” Gold…………….ahaa hah ha”

  48. Michelle

    Patient asks, “Nurse, is everything okay?”
    “Well, Mr. Needham, in a nutshell: Not everything that glitters is Gold……aaha,ha, haa”

  49. Carol

    “I can’t remember if this is the radioactive Xanax or the regular. Hum??????!!!!

  50. darlene

    I never thought hospital costs would come to this-“coin operated beds”!

  51. sally smith

    Down the hatch!

  52. sally smith

    Looks like Kibbles and BIts to me.

  53. sally

    Pee u, that could burn your nasal hairs.

  54. K Samson

    “I’ve got your Percocet chaser you requested sir”

  55. Jennifer Broberg

    A shot of Tiger Blood and you’ll be WINNING in no time, Mr. Sheen.

  56. Jean Brosnan

    You left me a urine sample? I’ll drink to that!

  57. rschaefer

    You never know what you’re going to find in there..

  58. Sandy Boyd

    I’ll need a specimen…..

  59. Mmmmm, thank you Mr. Smith for the lovely cup of hot lemonade. Its just the perfect thing for my sore throat.

  60. Jen Acierno

    I love it when it all goes in the cup, and not ALL over me!

  61. jan

    Bottoms up! No, I really mean to put your bottom up.

  62. Michelle

    “So, Mr. Needham, not all that glitters is gold”

  63. Amy Wright

    “Sir,I am a nurse. I know that urine is yellow and warm. This is cold and clear. Faucet water won’t work. Try again.”

  64. April DeHanas

    Bottoms up! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

  65. Shelley B

    Cheers!! Thank God for Xanax. Now if I could just get my patient to take one.

  66. Tanya Boerkircher

    Like a pill will help you were your going. Cheers! Next dose in 4 hours, see ya then.

  67. Your name

    “What’s it for?…its to help you stay off the call light.”

  68. Cynthia DeLeon

    Yes! I FOUND it! Slippery little bugger it is!

  69. Jennifer

    Students…back in my day we used a quarter, but the real super nurse these days can test the quality of bed making by bouncing this full urine cup without a spill. Who wants to go first?

  70. Christine Tomas-Hartin

    You should see the alternative…

  71. Christa

    Sir. That only works for Mary Poppins ; sugar will NOT make this taste any better..

  72. ruth

    Yes … it is a pretty color !

  73. Beth

    Was this the apple juice?

  74. Sharon Cole

    Where did you say you went on your last business trip Mr Smith?

  75. Suzanne

    Here’s to your health!

  76. Princess and the PEE!

  77. Leah

    Heck of a way to get a diamond, but I’ll keep it!

  78. “Too much junk-in-the-trunk” scrubs !!

  79. Molly J

    Charlene starting liking her job a lot more once she discovered she could pull tequila shots out of the Pyxis.

  80. Yum yum give me some!

  81. ruth

    It either goes in the cup or my glove goes up your rump !

  82. Amber D

    Look Mr. Smith either you take this xanax or It will be a 14 G needle of ativan to the sensitive muscle of my choice.

  83. kasey

    trust me…. THIS will move those bowels

  84. Larry Rower

    mmmmmm… apple juice

  85. gail

    Here’s your cocktail. Winning!!

  86. Chris

    You had yours!

  87. It’s a “shot”, a neddle-less shot!

  88. Shay

    “Just need a little lime and salt!” “Bottoms up!”

  89. Granny RN RN

    Re: The Nurse who ‘worked the streets’.
    I LOVE this story!
    And to the Nurse: Thank you for ‘serving’ for so long!


    …… and one for me!!