Scrubs Caption Contest! – May 11, 2015

Last Week’s Winner:


“Florence nightingale and her merry band of nurses” submitted by terimccollum.

This Week’s Contest – May 11, 2015


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10 Responses to Scrubs Caption Contest! – May 11, 2015


    And this is our Elvis Presley Memorial Narcotics cabinet!!!

  2. MissRpn

    And If the patient ever exhibits any of these traits, call the Dr. To re-assess his medications.

  3. surayabay

    Yes ladies, of all the E.R.’s in all the hospitals in the world, Dr. McDreamy had to walk into mine!

  4. surayabay

    I don’t know what it is about him, but an hour after we made love, I was horny again!

  5. surayabay

    Yes, this is the one I posted online, I’m just hoping it doesn’t go viral!

  6. surayabay

    I have McSteamy’s head in one of these baskets and McDreamy’s brain in the cabinet marked, GH!

  7. pookey1953

    Dr. Don Juan teaches sex ed this quarter have you signed up yet?

  8. surayabay

    “HEY LADY”! Will Sister Mary Jerry Lewis, (top left row) kindly report to Mother Superiors Office, immediately!

  9. surayabay

    We’re just say ‘in, if Luke leaves GH, we’re all out a hear, honey!

  10. surayabay

    How about a funny nurse stories section? I.E., My sister, who was a R.N., in a Chicago hospital in the E.R., tells of two ladies who came into the E.R. screaming, saying that the Dr. told her she had, “Fire Balls of the Eucharist”, until they figured out she meant, “Fibroid tumors on her uterus”! Or the one who said she had “Smi ‘lin Mighty Jesus”, which turned out to be “Spinal Meningitis”! Just another day in the E.R.!