Scrubs caption contest! – May 16, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

Nurse caption contest May 9, 2011

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“Excuse me, doctor…Teddy says he doesn’t think I’m quite ready to have a vasectomy.”

– submitted by christine jackson

This Week’s Contest – May 16, 2011

Nurse scrubs caption contest May 16, 2011

Hemera | Thinkstock

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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28 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – May 16, 2011

  1. Brenda McLaurin

    Here is the Nurse again, I’ll pretend I’m reading to prolong the shot I am about to get.

  2. Gina Fenton

    Damm!!! I knew I should of called the next day…

  3. Judy McIntosh

    Who would have thought that the nurse of my dreams would be a pain in my ass?

  4. Samantha stutz

    I hope it’s in the arm this time…

  5. cynthia shaw, RN

    “What a bod, but not good shots”

  6. Geni Lindsey Ikerd

    Great! I’m sick and they assign YOU to me. Where’s nurse Battle Ax?

  7. Rigas Papagolos

    Nurse, can you comeback when I finish this chapter, better yet – I’ll call you when I ready?

  8. Now I know I’m sick

  9. Ampi

    Hope I am getting Phenergan with my Dilaudid!

  10. Tammi Guffey

    Wonderful! Finally get a hot woman in my room & all she wants is a piece of a*s!!!

  11. I needed some time off to study for this test but it”s turning out to be a PAIN IN THE A$$!

  12. Jackie

    Oh shit…now she’s going to see the boil on my ass! Guess I can forget asking her out. :\

  13. Nurse…I’m pretty sure the Doc said you were to prick my boil…!!!

  14. Richard Elliott

    This will hurt me more then it will you!

  15. Julie

    Hopefully this book can cover up my male response to the hot nurse by my bedside, and the fantasy I am having right now in my head.

  16. How In The Heck Did She Get From The Book To My Bedside? I’m Not Prepared!

  17. grace

    I’m sure it says in here somewhere that that shot comes in a pill form…

  18. Heather McGraw

    Hospital vs.School: yet another med information booklet to read before getting my medication!!

  19. sati sammy

    she’s hot and calling the shots

  20. Christine

    You want me to what?

  21. Judy McIntosh

    Okay, it says here to move slowly and don’t make eye contact and maybe she won’t attack!

  22. Oh God, I must really be bad off, she looks like an Angel but that thing in her hand looks like a weapon that she really enjoys using!!!! Quick, someone wake me up before it’s too late!!!!

  23. Dana

    It says here that a hot nurse is the best medicine for what I’ve got. No shots required. Honestly, you can read it for yourself!

  24. Stacey DeLong

    I’m reading about “How to give injections properly”. I don’t care how smoking hot she is….she better give this injection right!!!!!

  25. Love these captions and your magazine.

  26. “I’m not sure what else to do to keep looking like I’m sick so she doesn’t leave!! Tousled hair? Check. Boiling hot tea before the thermometer? Check?”

  27. Trish

    If she would just say please….I wouldn’t mind turning the other cheek!

  28. Shannon

    Awesome nurse but I am not up to the shot today!!