Scrubs caption contest! – May 21, 2012

Last Week’s Winner

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“Like I said, I promise I won’t feel a thing.”

– submitted by SherriFL

This Week’s Contest – May 21, 2012

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What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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27 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – May 21, 2012

  1. amandajean23

    Awww your NPO don’t worry I’ll eat your breakfast!

  2. NursingMamaV

    No, sir, Jack Daniels is NOT part of the clear liquid diet!

  3. Mercy RN

    Good Morning, Breakfast!

  4. bmac820

    All my scrubs were dirty, so I had to wear my waitressing uniform today.

  5. brennrn1222

    This is my first day on the floor….Woo Hoo breakfast is here.

  6. Piratelady1192

    Oops, I forgot to take my slippers off this morning!

  7. acates11

    Nothing says “Good morning” like hospital food and pills.

  8. 311Nurse

    Percocet and graham crackers; the breakfast of champions!

  9. amylpntwins

    Yes, I’m extremely happy to give you your breakfast… Even though I haven’t had mine yet… Or voided! Lol

  10. Dawn

    “Let’s move that emesis basin over and make room for breakfast….are you hungry???”

  11. XxmercymexX

    Wow, these antidepressants work wonders!!

  12. vlslpn

    Here come’s your snackie-poo!

  13. Kim

    (in a sing-song voice) “Mr. Smiiiiittttth, I’ve got your Colace, Ensure, & beef broth!”

  14. vickyjackson11

    Of course this food is delicious! It’s low sodium, low fat, liquid nutrition!

  15. ashlynnsmom

    I just went pee in my home made catheter…

  16. nursegirl78

    Yes this is your breakfast, and no that IS a stethoscope in my pocket!!!!


    Coffee, tea or nurse!

  18. fxmom4

    Having a Nursing Student care for you at the hospital cures any patient quickly!!


    Hello Sweetheart, I’ve got cookies and milk, your favorite with your “Vicodin’s!”

  20. Knightwriter

    What you heard in the hall was our local magician turning your brownie into upside down cake!

  21. bpangel3

    We revived your food

  22. Bettydav3

    Three hots & a cot, bed baths, enemas, what’s not to love?

  23. sandy1982

    Ha if this patient rings for something else one more time… I know there is a BIG H outside but it does not stand for the Hilton!

  24. nana9597

    “Great way to hide my meal on the run

  25. chrisscrossapplesauce

    I know you have abdominal pain and nausea, that’s why you have to drink this half gallon of contrast.

  26. brandylin5

    Goodmorning! We seem to be terribly under staffed so today so I’ll be your nurse, cna, respitory, maid, and I’ll be making all you’re meals for you!

  27. 01schoolnurse

    Jello, Popscicles, Broth and Meds just for you!