Scrubs caption contest! – May 9, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

nurse caption contest May 2, 2011

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“Oh!! Maybe now was not the best time to tell him he is “not” the father!”

– submitted by Misty

This Week’s Contest – May 9, 2011

Nurse caption contest May 9, 2011

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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13 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – May 9, 2011

  1. Samantha Simpson

    “Time out!!”

  2. Aline

    Are you kidding? I gave birth to a Teddy Bear?

  3. April

    “Oh, this isn’t the O.R. room for the donation harvest team?”

  4. Mary Ann Bergantin

    Who wants to catch my heart??

  5. Joyce Griffiths

    My 1st teddy bear, take him everywhere I go, even to surgery.

  6. Joyce Griffiths

    What do you mean he can’t be here? I take my teddy bear everywhere, even to surgery.

  7. anthony saylor

    there goes our sterile field.

  8. Mary

    Take out your how-to manuals and turn to page 1.

  9. christine jackson

    “Excuse me, doctor…Teddy says he doesn’t think I’m quite ready to have a vasectomy.”

  10. Patty

    “So this is what happens when you swallow Gummy Bears whole!”

  11. Emily

    “You should see where the rattle is…”

  12. Rakhel

    I was told I could accompany Teddy to his surgery, but since he’ll be asleep I thought I’d take a nap too.

  13. Amber

    Well, Teddy – guess we’re not in Kansas anymore…