Scrubs Caption Contest! – November 11, 2013

Last Week’s Winner


“You did 3 reps. Nice job. I did a double shift, changed 20 beds 3 times each, passed 3 meal trays to 20 patients, and still haven’t peed! Now PUSH you pansy” – submitted by Walter Houston via Facebook.

This Week’s Contest – November 11, 2013


What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner! See our past winners here!



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9 Responses to Scrubs Caption Contest! – November 11, 2013

  1. dmlandrum

    What ….no chocolate milk, again.

  2. christolw

    Alright whos the smart allick this is breast milk i just sat these bottles down

  3. Gyata

    Oh god i hate milk, but then.. lets have it, i havent pooped since yesterday.. sighhh….never knew lactose intolerance would help someday!

  4. nannadto6 Caption Contest

    Mam , How long has this milk been sitting out? Its Hot and a lot of it. I might could use it as the three ” H ” enema” High, Hot and a Helluva lot.

  5. DeAnne Caption Contest

    I’ll have to pass on the milk. I don’t have time to pee today.

  6. kwiksand

    Wait…nurses actually got lunch breaks???!!!

  7. lisahaining

    Oooh… milk shots! Great for a double shift!

  8. elanadrn

    “Keep them coming Rita…’s a “top shelf” kind of day…..”

  9. LPN

    Drink up, nurses! We all need this Vitamin D to walk 5 miles this shift and have strong bones to lift, tug, and pull our patients!