Scrubs caption contest! – November 14, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

Canaries who live aboard Ambulance Train to cheer wounded with song


“Getting a message to the doctor…. he won’t answer his pager.”

– submitted by 4bdnfruit

This Week’s Contest – November 14, 2011

American Red Cross Parade, Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham View Company., 05/21/1918
What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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17 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – November 14, 2011

  1. feistymom522

    Grateful, yet astounded that the local strippers donated their earnings from last night to a good cause.

  2. taliyah7

    The Red Cross has declared the all time low of a nurses salary a national disaster, you donations needed please.

  3. reptilechick

    The nursing students were disapointed when they didnt get to treat the jumper, but at least they got his wallet!

  4. reptilechick

    The nurses were all very disapointed when they didnt get to treat the jumper. He just threw in his wallet and left!

  5. reptilechick

    The nursing students tried to catch the jumper, but only managed to catch his money!

  6. reptilechick

    The nursing students all knew they would get an “F” for dropping the suicidal jumper, so they managed to collect a bribe for the instuctor.

  7. Soivins

    That’s all we get…Man! Obama Care really does need to change!! :(

  8. 4bdnfruit

    We think we collected enough. Can we go home now? Our feet are killing us!

  9. mywizofoz

    ” At the end…they still ended up with the same amount of cash”

  10. 4bdnfruit

    Ok…this isn’t fun anymore, Clara did say meet her here at 4 oclock!

  11. LL62

    We all worked 3 12hr shifts for this?

  12. PixieNurse

    Donations! Donations please!…Help our cause to make our uniforms look less like bride gowns!

    • NurseinMaking

      “Well what do you know, our bonus came early this year and they even gift wrapped it for us.”

  13. sandybeach130

    Thank you for contributing to the computerized medical record fund.

  14. bbygrlchristie

    It’s YOUR turn blood or MONEY, We will collect IT!

  15. clara54

    “Soothing other folks pains requires a little Nightengale gain”


  16. webbysprite

    Crap, we shouldn’t have promised to streak if we met our goal.