Scrubs caption contest – September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

caption contest for nurses

Image: iStockphoto | Thinkstock + Scrubs

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

See our past winners here!



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14 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – September 6, 2010

  1. Bertia

    Multi tasking or multiple personality disorder?? Oh well whatever gets you thru a shift !!

  2. Hope

    I am working and no that is not a hit guy on the screen,

  3. Yikes! Caught by the boss reading Scrubs magazine on-line!

  4. Uhh, we’re just checking to see if this is one of those new Braille screens!!!

  5. Richard Coleman

    I typed viagra to check drug interactions and it just popped up on the screen, honest!

  6. Danielle

    sorry!!! we missed the new Greys Anatomy last night!

  7. theresa young

    No – Seriously, the surgery IS finished! I’m on my 15 minutes!

  8. Jeffrey Bodurka

    Quick turn it off! She might notice your the administrator for

  9. Honestly we were writing on facebook about how much we like you!

  10. Kim Brown

    Looking for a job on company time?!?

  11. Kristy RN

    Geuss the medic was right — those do look fake!!

  12. If u are still talking too much u have obviously not been medicated enough !!

  13. Gene

    White-out? I didn’t see any White-out. Did YOU see any White-out?

  14. Jane

    How was I supposed to know that e-mail download was a “naughty” advent calendar??