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Nursing scrubs come in all styles and shapes, but only one line is being designed with your care in mind. Sofia Vergara – the actress, business woman and cancer survivor – has launched a line of scrubs for nurses that are right in line with her on screen character. “CAREISMA” embraces the individual personalities of all nurses by offering a range of colors and styles that are functional, comfortable and surprisingly sassy.

Who Is Sofia Vergara?

Since 2009 Sofia Vergara has been delighting audiences as the outspoken and sexy wife of Jay – played by Ed O’Neil – on ABC’s Modern Family. Her character, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, is known for being an assertive Latin-American mom and housewife. This is a role that the Columbian-born actress seems perfect for, and that has won her critical acclaim. Vergara has earned four Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal of Gloria, and is now the highest earning woman on television. But things have not always been this easy for Sofia.

Born in Columbia in 1972, Sofia Vergara learned English as a part of her normal school studies. She was attending school for dentistry, but after being discovered on the beach by a photographer, she left the drill to pursue a modeling and acting career. Vergara was the Latin American face of Pepsi for a while as well as the star of a Mexican telenovela before relocating to the United States where her career really took off.

Sofia Vergara Diagnosed With Cancer

A single mom with a young son in Miami, Vergara had found work as a TV host in 2000. It was at this time that the 28 year old actress and mom discovered that she had a serious health issue. A routine visit to the doctor revealed a lump in her neck that was later discovered to be thyroid cancer. In hindsight, the early discovery was a blessing, at it allowed Vergara to have the thyroid gland removed and receive the necessary treatment before the cancer spread to other parts of the body.

Sofia Vergara Helping Others Cope With the Loss of the Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is essential for a number of bodily functions, necessitating hormone replacement therapy after its removal. Yet with the right dose, thyroid cancer survivors are able to lead a perfectly normal and healthy life, just like Sofia does. She advocates for others in the same position as she is in by being the face of “Follow the Script”. This is an ad campaign aimed at educating individuals with hypothyroidism to work closely with their doctors to find the right dose of meds. Sofia is still taking her pills each day to stay healthy and strong, and is reaching out to other survivors to ensure that they do the same.

The Scrubs Line

Sofia Vergara has introduced other clothing lines since her rise to fame on American television. Yet her nursing scrubs were inspired by the hard working nurses she had around her during her fight with cancer. On the CAREISMA website she exclaims:

“Self – expression is essential to happiness. I’ve seen how hard health care professionals work, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to proudly embrace their feminine, funny and sassy sides while still being professional.”

CAREISMA Scrubs gives you two very distinct options for your work wear; you can be Fearless or you can be Charming. Each collection offers various options in styling and design, in a choice of vibrant colors. Inviting you to “Live Fearlessly”, the classic cuts and shape enhancing accents on the scrubs in this line are fresh, clean and professional. They also have a flair, just like Sofia’s Modern Family character. These are nursing scrubs you will be proud to be seen in, while still giving you the comfort and function you need to make it through your shift.

Expect heads to turn and brows to raise when you walk onto your floor in CAREISMA Scrubs. This just may be the first time a nursing peer will ask “who are you wearing?” The designs and styles are contemporary, highlighting femininity while still being professional.

With the amount of time you spend in your nursing uniform, it is essential that it reflect who you are, not just professionally but personally as well. Nurses are individuals, and with the new line of scrubs from Sofia Vergara, your uniqueness is able to stand out.


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