Scrubs flashbacks: Yesterday’s looks with today’s styles


True bell-bottoms would be a little much to wear on the job, but flared scrub pants are a great substitute. They’re available from every major scrubs designer including the Hip Flip line by Dickies. If you caught the glam rock bug during its flash-in-the-pan appearance in the ’70s, you might enjoy the hot pink, silver-studded “Bling It On” top from Baby Phat.

Baby Phat Square Neck Top

Dickies Cargo Flare Hip Flip

The ’80s were the era of punk (after disco died). If you’re feeling a little attitude, you can punk up your uniform by wearing black straight-leg scrub pants with a black top. To get the hard-core effect, try a Baby Phat “Zip It” top with screen-printed zippers on the pockets. Complete this outfit with your favorite pair of Doc Martens.

Baby Phat Top – Zip It Collection

Cherokee Elastic Waist Pant

You could argue that these styles represent more of a holdover than a comeback, but the fashion cycles do seem to keep speeding up. Skinny-leg scrub pants are available if you crave the “leggings” look. Incorporate neon colors to achieve a more readily identifiable effect from the ’90s. If you shine a black light on the Blue’s Clues Techno top from Cherokee, it might even glow in the dark!

Cherokee Flexibles Top

Sketchers Skinny Leg Pant

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