Scrubs Mags Top Ten HAWT Male Nurses

It’s Fall, which means we’re serving up some extra special dishes. And with that we present, these extra special dishes.

Ladies and Gentleman we present to you, Scrubs Magazine’s Top Ten (HOT) Male Nurses.

Lord Ha’Mercy.

The prostate exam is apart of my head to toe assessment. A photo posted by West Hunter (@westhunter23) on

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One Response to Scrubs Mags Top Ten HAWT Male Nurses

  1. jheadrn

    I kinda take offense to this- putting a stethoscope around your neck does not make you a nurse- westhunter23. Good looking guy, yea. Nurse NO! According to his instagram bio- he’s an “Actor. Philanthropist. Monkey enthusiast”.

    There’s enough of us men out there that you can choose a REAL nurse, not a “I play one on TV”.