Scrubs style dos & don’ts for your unique physique

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Each nurse has her own individual body shape, height and proportions. And let’s face it—time and gravity eventually affect all of us!

So we asked Sallian Song, a top designer of premium scrubs, to give us the lowdown on choosing outfits that will make you look great.

First, paying attention to your proportions is king! Next to that, picking the right style can do wonders for looking your best in your scrubs.

We’ve not only addressed some of our most vexing body issues, but we’ve found the exact match for you. Now you just have to pick the right color (why not check out our “10 Great Scrubs Outfits by Color” to find your match?)

Underarm Dingle Dangle | Large Thighs and Derriere | Full Figured Bust | Boxy Physique

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Sallian Song

Sallian Song is a style expert and scrubs designer for Cherokee Uniforms.

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4 Responses to Scrubs style dos & don’ts for your unique physique

  1. Oddly Shaped

    I have no butt, big thighs, and a big chest… Any suggestions

  2. therealcie

    There were a lot of young/trendy fashions featured here. How about something for the older nurses? Also, I know I am not the only plus size nurse in the world. It would be useful to address the needs of women with plus size bodies. I certainly don’t want to be wearing low-rise pants, which would really look sloppy and wrong on an old mama like me, who has a kangaroo pouch!
    A lot of the uniform companies have gone to making shorter sleeves–practically no sleeves at all–and I have to go a size up just to find a scrub top that will fit my arms! It’s sooooo annoying!

  3. cxg174

    I wish they would not make everything so low cut! I cannot understand it and have written to a couple of companies about it. We need coverage while we are moving around. We are not models, just working girls!