Scrubs style dos & don’ts for your unique physique


As a nurse, you’re constantly using your arms, and it’s one of the areas of your body that people notice most. Here are some tips for picking a scrubs top that you can look and feel confident in while sidestepping the pesky underarm “dingle dangle” effect. Paying attention to these details makes all the difference!

3/4 Length Sleeve Tunic

Cuffed Sleeve with Bicep Coverage

Cuffed Sleeve with Bicep Coverage


  • Opt for sleeves that hit slightly above or below the elbow, such as ¾-length sleeves. A sleeve that ends around the elbow is the most flattering length on any arm. It’s where the hem of the sleeve cuts the arm in half, or thereabouts, that makes the most visual “sense.” You can wear short sleeves that are at least 7 inches in length, as long as they hit below the bicep area.
  • If you’re shy about showing the top parts of your arms, opt for styles in sturdy, higher-quality fabrics with good underarm coverage.
  • Choose a fuller shoulder line and a modest neckline.


  • Avoid short cap sleeves that emphasize the unflattering bicep area.
  • Avoid short sleeves that have ruffles, elastic trim gathered at the short-sleeve hem or cuffed caps.
  • Avoid sleeves that are shorter than 7 inches in length.

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Sallian Song
Sallian Song is a style expert and scrubs designer for Cherokee Uniforms.

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