Scrubs style dos & don’ts for your unique physique


Lengthen your look and accentuate your smaller areas while minimizing your lower body.

Long Tunic

Moderate Flare Leg Pant


  • Wear longer tunic styles that cover the rear end and thighs.
  • Look for tops with longer side slits/vents.
  • Choose pants with a straight leg or moderate flare leg. A boot cut will be good as well.
  • If you are petite, wearing a slim/skinny leg or straight leg will help lengthen your look, give you a shapely body and make your legs look slimmer.
  • If you have a small waist and small upper body (torso), try a slimming top that accentuates your waist or the area above your waist (such as an empire style). Drawstring pants are also recommended, as you can adjust your waist if your waist is small but you have a large derriere.


  • Avoid skintight pants.
  • Avoid heavy fabrics; opt for soft and drapy or stretchy fabrics.

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Sallian Song
Sallian Song is a style expert and scrubs designer for Cherokee Uniforms.

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