Scrubs style dos & don’ts for your unique physique


Balance your upper proportions with the right necklines and a strategic mix of layered tops.

V-Neck Scrubs Top

Square Neck Scrubs Top

Square Neck Scrubs

High Neck Line Under Tailored Coat


  • V-necks, boat necks and scoop necks are great.
  • Square necks are also good, as long as the cut isn’t too high on the neckline.
  • Try slightly plunged and open necklines.
  • Choose an item in a mid-weight to lightweight fabric.
  • Create a V-shape neckline with an additional layer. For instance, layer over a high neckline with a tailored lab coat or warm-up jacket to form a V-shape neckline. This is quite effective, especially when the additional layer is left unbuttoned.


  • Avoid high necklines and crew cuts. These styles can make the bust look even bigger.
  • Weather permitting, also try to avoid turtlenecks. The bosom will seem as if it starts from under the chin instead of below the shoulder line.
  • Avoid heavy, bulky fabrics.

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Sallian Song
Sallian Song is a style expert and scrubs designer for Cherokee Uniforms.

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