Scrubs style dos & don’ts for your unique physique



Soften the curves of a boxy figure with certain kinds of tops and bottoms.


  • As the area under the bust is the smallest and most flattering part of the body, it’s wise to wear tops that accentuate this area.
  • Wear styles that also provide shape below the bust line.
  • As for pants, it’s best to wear a clean, flat waist style.
  • Soft elastic waists are also suitable.
  • Focus on flattering necklines to take the eye away from the boxy shape.


  • Avoid super-low-rise pants. It’s best to wear pants that are at your waistline or just slightly below it.
  • Avoid heavy drawstring detail, as it will add bulk around the waist.
  • For boxy figures with slender legs, avoid wide-leg pants.
Sallian Song
Sallian Song is a style expert and scrubs designer for Cherokee Uniforms.

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