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Why is it that off-the-rack-clothing so often fits strangely? Who is the so-called “average” woman these designs are made for?

When we look around at work, we see women of all sizes and shapes. Surely one scrubs design doesn’t really fit everyone. In fact, scrubs fashion goes in cycles and not every new style is going to meet your needs.

There will be times when fit and fashion are going to be mutually exclusive (that’s when you want to learn how to make scrubs your own). Below are several scrubs tops and bottoms that address specific fit issues. You may find yourself relying on these year after year regardless of the latest changes in scrubs fashion.

Unleash Your Thighs with Generous Pant Legs
Have you noticed that scrubs bottoms can bind around your thigh and knee when you squat or sit? This is a common problem with scrubs pants that are designed to “slim” your legs. There’s not enough fabric around the circumference of the legs to accommodate much movement. Straight-leg, flared-leg and legging-style scrub pants can all have this problem of being too narrow. Cargo pants are a better style if you want to prevent binding at the knee.

Cargo Pocket Pant

Raid the Men’s Section for Tall Sizes
If you need a big and tall size (up to 5 XL), look for men’s scrubs uniform pants. Many of these are just unisex versions of popular women’s styles. Dress them up with a feminine scrubs top, and no one will notice. Pick your size to fit the widest point of your hips or buttocks (since men’s styles may offer less room at these points). Then you can dart the waistband at the sides for a more womanly fit and hem them to your preferred length.

Men’s Utility Pant


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