Scrubs then and now – a mocking retrospective

Yes, these ARE uniforms! The all-too-familiar “big shoulder” sensibility with the primary-color craze of their day make these women look sort of like…well, the Joker’s henchmen.

However, these uniforms definitely were in tune with the height of late-’80s fashion and also provided a professional look for the workplace. Plus, they still managed to look more sensible than half of the population of the era. Can’t touch that.

Next, the Star Trek era…

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One Response to Scrubs then and now – a mocking retrospective

  1. Granny RN

    Scrubs are still a relatively new ‘uniform’ for nursing. When I entered the profession in 1976 only the OR nurses wore them. The REST of us were in all white, with caps, white pantyhose or pants (unless your hospital was Catholic) and Clinic shoes which had to be polished and buffed every day.
    Now, I love the colors and prints available but do find it confusing when EVERYBODY from housekeeping to the surgeons wears a different color/style.