Scrubs then and now – a mocking retrospective

Nothing says “health care professional” like a bizarre triangle in the center of the shirt. A nurse wearing this shirt is the perfect storm of Star Trek, a Union soldier and a genie.

Yes, we’re poking fun at scrubs that simply reflected the styles of the era. They were actually perfectly in line with what people were wearing outside the hospital at the time (including big shoulders and scrunchies). We’re quite grateful to our friends at Cherokee who graciously sent us their old catalogs, knowing that we would probably be ridiculing some of the older styles.

Oh, we just have to take one more playful poke…

The Milli Vanilli nurse

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One Response to Scrubs then and now – a mocking retrospective

  1. Granny RN

    Scrubs are still a relatively new ‘uniform’ for nursing. When I entered the profession in 1976 only the OR nurses wore them. The REST of us were in all white, with caps, white pantyhose or pants (unless your hospital was Catholic) and Clinic shoes which had to be polished and buffed every day.
    Now, I love the colors and prints available but do find it confusing when EVERYBODY from housekeeping to the surgeons wears a different color/style.