Seriously, I have to stop procrastinating

It seems to me sometimes that the more I have to do, the more I procrastinate. For example, currently, I have a paper to write, a presentation to put together, and a million emails to answer. That doesn’t even include the stuff I need to do for work! And because I have so much to do, I find myself currently watching the Bachelor: Jason and Molly Get Married. Let the record show, I never watched the show, I don’t really know who Jason and Molly are and yet, here I sit watching their TV wedding. I vaguely remember seeing something in the supermarket tabloids about him ditching another girl for this one but really, when does TV love work out? Apparently for Molly and Jason because they totally look happy and super in love and television NEVER LIES.
Seriously, what is WRONG with me?!? I have legitimate scholarly pursuits to embark upon. I have work that needs to be done! I am a better person! I shouldn’t be procrastinating. I really shouldn’t. And yet, I can’t turn away. Tonight is lost for any hopes of productivity. I guess I will just finish watching this and go to bed. Maybe tomorrow will work out better for me. Assuming there are no reality tv wedding specials on for distraction.

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