Seven nonverbal strategies for a stress-less holiday

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Healthcare professionals are used to stress. Unfortunately, it’s in the not-so-fine print of the job description.

So why is the holiday season different?

Although you have prepared for the ups and downs of workplace stress through training and experience, around this time of year, the holidays can make us feel at our wits’ end.

What we want to do can be very different from what we should do

The conflicting feelings of “want to do” and “should do” can be the basis of guilt and overwhelm, so why not nip them in the bud? Most of us are very good at rehearsing what we want to say and do, and not so good at preparing a new mental script for what we should say and do. Often, just tiny changes can alter the outcome this year and in years ahead by setting in motion a new pattern of behaviors.

People remember how we make them feel long after they remember what we said. Below are seven strategies to mix and match to have the wonder-filled holiday season we all dream about.

Strategy One: No response can be the best response. A smile and a change of subject or your location might be all that is needed.

Strategy Two –>

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