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Sexually transmitted diseases quiz


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Test your knowledge of STDs and their symptoms with this fast true/false quiz.

1. All sexually transmitted diseases can be cured by medications such as antibiotics.

2. STD can be spread through casual social contact such as kissing, shaking hands and using public toilets.

3. In men and women, STD can occur in other body openings such as throat or eyes.

4. All people who have STD develop symptoms.

5. People who have STD, but do not exhibit any symptoms, can still develop complications and are able to spread the disease to others.

6. Kissing is a low STD risk activity.

7. Condoms provide 100% protection against STD.

8. Natural membrane condoms are as safe to use as latex ones.

9. Up to 50% of males might not develop any symptoms of chlamydia.

10.  Some 80% of females will not develop any obvious symptoms of chlamydia infection.

11. Babies born to females with untreated chlamydia infections are at risk of developing eye or lung problems after birth.

12. Chlamydia is not curable.

13. It is possible to get pubic lice (crabs) by sharing bedding, towels or underwear of with an infected person.

14. The medicated lotion used to treat crabs can safely be used on children and pregnant women.

15. HPV (human papilloma virus) increases the risks of cancer of the cervix and vulva.

16. Gonorrhea can affect the throat and eyes of both sexes.

17. Some 80% of men and 20% of females will not show any symptoms of gonorrhea.

18. Gonorrhea infection can cause blindness in newborn babies.

19. Gonorrhea is curable.

20. Hepatitis B can also be spread by breastfeeding.

21. Genital herpes is transmitted during direct physical contact with open sores or blisters of an infected person.

22. Genital herpes is curable.

23. HIV can be transmitted by breastfeeding.

24. Mucopurulent cervicitis (MPC) causes an inflammation of the urethra.

25. Non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) is the name of a common STD in males.

26. Scabies are caused by tiny insects or mites.

27. Scabies are curable.

28. Syphilis is a disease that is limited to the genitourinary tract.

29. Possible complications of syphilis during pregnancy are premature birth, miscarriage, stillbirth and birth defects.

30. Syphilis can only be cured if caught in the early stages.

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