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feet-on-scaleMeet Susan Haddox. She’s an RN in the Newborn/Admissions Nursery at Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Hospital of Rockwall. And she’s looking and feeling a whole lot better in her scrubs lately. Scroll down for her dramatic before and after photos.
Scrubs: First, the stats. What are your weight-loss goals?

Susan: I started at 355 pounds, and realized that it’s more than just losing weight—it’s about achieving lifelong health. I want to have a healthy BMI and be a good example to my patients. I plan to lose a total of 170 pounds when I hit my goal. So far, I’ve lost 100 pounds using “Take Shape for Life.” It’s a medically supervised program that I started on May 29, 2008. The program—which I follow with the help of a local nutrition center—helps me lose weight with simple strategies. I’ve changed my whole diet to low-calorie, low-fat and portion-controlled meal replacements. Within my first few days, I was burning away fat without losing muscle tissue.

Scrubs: How does your weight-loss program suit your nurse’s lifestyle?

Susan: The program is very easy. I barely do any planning before starting a long, 12-hour night shift—I just pack up my meal packets and go. The meal replacements contain soy or whey for the protein. The packets are low-fat, and many are vegetarian and low-lactose. I don’t feel hungry and I have plenty of energy.

Scrubs: What are your greatest challenges in losing weight?

Susan: I’ll admit, sometimes there are challenges while out to dinner at a restaurant, but the choice basically is to do it or not. Do I want to lose the weight and be healthy or eat junk? That’s what I remind myself to make sure I make good choices.

Scrubs: How are you able to work with those challenges?

Susan: By deciding which is more important. I decide whether it’s the immediate gratification of eating what I want right then or the long-term gratification of losing the weight. A big goal is to become the person I am on the inside on the outside, too. Once again, it’s a choice. If I want to lose weight and be healthy, then the cravings are going to have to take a back seat to being healthy. Truthfully, I haven’t had any big battles with cravings yet. The program has been a godsend for me and for several members of my family. My mother and sisters are on the program, too, because it’s been so easy for me.

Scrubs: What else do you do to lose weight?

Susan: Actually, I’ve found that I’m losing weight without a lot of supplemental exercise. Working out is recommended, but truthfully, I haven’t been as dedicated to this area as I could be, and I’m still seeing a significant loss. I do make sure to drink at least 80 to 100 ounces of water daily. I’m a busy mother working full-time while trying to run a household. Sticking to the diet is easy, but finding time to exercise isn’t so easy.

Scrubs: What advice do you have for others?

Susan: First, make a decision that you want to stick with a plan and decide which program might work best for you. Get a support system, such as a diet coach, a diet friend or a real support group to help keep you accountable to the program you choose. You have to have the right mindset to be successful—you have to be ready and willing to succeed.

Susan Haddox Before and After Weight Loss Photo

Susan Haddox lost her weight at Weight Off for Life in Rockwall, Texas.


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