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Should Every Country Mandate the COVID-19 Vaccine? Nurses Weigh In.


Just over 42% of the global population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with richer countries reporting higher vaccination rates. Vaccine inequity has allowed the virus to spread unfettered across nearly every corner of the globe, including Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and even parts of the U.S. 

Many countries have started imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated, but a few have gone so far as to mandate the shot for all adults. Germany is currently moving such legislation through parliament, while Indonesia and Micronesia already have such mandates in place. Anyone that refuses could be fined or denied government benefits.

Should the world follow in their footsteps to increase vaccination rates? Here’s what our nurses had to say:

Absolutely not. There would be a war. I will not be forced.


Idiotic suggestion. We are all done with this BS. Let everyone get on with their lives and stop torturing and bullying the people. My body, my choice.


Never have I witnessed so many folks trying to normalize stupidity and selfishness. Imagine if folks did this with polio ?


A real Nurse understands that every country should have equal access to the vaccine. That’s a huge part of the issue. The second is all the disinformation that unfortunately many people believe because of a lack of trust with the government.


What’s next then? We should all choose our own medical procedures. Like now I can refuse an operation, or I can seek a 2nd opinion. Why should we be made to take a vaccine that’s still in trial and it is not eradicating covid or the new variants? ??‍♀️ And with no liability from the companies who make them? It’s madness.


Why? It’s not actually helping anything. At least where I live. Vaccinated, unvaccinated- still in the hospital. Still on vents. The new booster doesn’t even cover the new variants. What’s the point?


Yes. I’m a nurse and I support mandatory vaccination for Covid.


Ok, how about mandating regular exercise?

Mandating gym memberships.

A ban on all processed foods.

A ban on all sugar.

A ban on all soda pop and junk food ????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

What else are we mandating?

A ban on alcohol.

A ban on all cigarettes, cigars, etc.

I’m being sarcastic of course but you get the drift.


A lot of countries don’t have access to the vaccine as much as we do. Kinda makes you count your blessings.


The flu shot is not mandated. This should be treated the same way.


For all people working with the vulnerable, and not just Covid, yes absolutely it should be mandatory. Vaccines offer protection for you, the vaccinated. Who wants whooping cough, meningitis, hepatitis B? I am so happy to have access to vaccines, some of which are not easily accessed in third world countries. I am blessed.


I’m all for vaccines, I’m vaccinated, my kids are etc., but I don’t believe people should be forced to vaccinate.


Well here in NZ that’s pretty much what they have done and it has created a lot of division and hate. Big “no” from me. It should always be a choice.


Absolutely not. Medical and bodily autonomy are at the core of healthcare.


Unpopular opinion- no one should be forced into anything regarding their body, or their health!!


In Mexico, vaccines in general aren’t mandated but everyone has the right to deny a service so… for example, if you don’t vaccinate your kid, they won’t be able to go to any public schools and most of the private schools. They ask for vaccines at some jobs too (it was like this before covid too) so, you can decide not to be vaccinated, wear a mask, or take your temperature but you have to deal with the consequences of not being able to enter most public places and not have free healthcare.


Absolutely! If refused, you maintain the right to die, no hospital bed, no ventilator, and NO medical staff to care for you!


No, people should be able to decide if they want to or not. And stop taking away what little freedom people have left.


Clearly, lots of nurses aren’t fond of the idea of mandating the shot for everyone on the planet. Each country will have to figure out how to implement the vaccine without treading on people’s freedom.

These responses have been edited for length and clarity. 

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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