Should hospitals install cameras in patients’ rooms?

LKeskinen | iStock + Monkey Business Images | Thinkstock

LKeskinen | iStock + Monkey Business Images | Thinkstock

America’s Funniest Home Videos would be nothing without cameras, but the truth is that video cameras’ functions can really run the gamut. Taken outside the family-fun context, they can shift very easily into the realm of eerie, verging on something reminiscent of Big Brother.

Needless to say, these modern-day time capsules are ripe for controversy, especially within the medical field. As video cameras become more prevalent in hospitals, particularly in patients’ rooms, the conversation is really picking up. And the verdict? Well, it’s mixed. Check out the Fall 2014 issue of Scrubs to read more about the pros and cons that medical professionals are citing. Then, tell us what you think here!

Are cameras in patients' rooms appropriate?

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2 Responses to Should hospitals install cameras in patients’ rooms?

  1. Lukas Snart

    It is just another tool in our bag. Not because doctors or nurses don’t do their jobs properly. It gives us a leg up on patient care.

  2. Squirrel53

    I have worked in NeuroICU for over 20 years. The last large unit was in ATLANTA,GA. We had infrared cameras in each room and they showed up at the nurses station to monitor patient. It is a wonderful thing due to high seizure activity and unpredictable pt behavior. We have had this at other facilities for testing of 24 hour EEG monitoring. So yes I love it. It is not meant to be intrusive but for the wellbeing of our patients it is awesome!