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Should hospitals refuse to hire obese employees?


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There has been much debate recently around the fact that many medical facilities are refusing to hire smokers. Along those same lines, a new question has popped up: can hospitals refuse to hire the obese?

This is what has happened at Citizens Medical Center, located in Texas. The facility refuses to hire anyone with a body mass index over 35. The Week gives the example that a 5’5” applicant could not weigh over 210 and be hired at Citizens.

The measure appears to be legal in Texas, though it has raised many arguments. Many feel the law is discriminatory while others think it will help set a good example for patients by hiring healthy employees. Still a third school of thought points out that BMI may not be the best measure of someone’s weight.

What do you think about the issue? Take part in the poll below, and let us know your opinions in the comments!

Should medical facilities be able to use BMI as a factor in the hiring process?

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Source: The Week


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