“Should I work the day shift or the night shift?”

Are you having a hard time deciding which shift is best for you?

Well, in this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie Duke talks about some of the differences between working during the day and working through the night.

Which do you prefer working? Day shift or night shift? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Katie Duke


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3 Responses to “Should I work the day shift or the night shift?”

  1. flor

    I prefer the night shift but management in their wisdom seen to think I need to do days sometimes. I only have to work 4 days fortnight but I usually pick up extras. I work on any of the wards and do the occasional day shift as an extra and all I ask is that my four rostered days are night shifts but no management have decided that us permanent night shifters need to do three months a year of day shifts to maintain our skills . But when it suits we are first to be called to fill the night shifts they can’t fill. Need our support for the new ones on nights etc.
    nights suit me and My life style and family commitments. Not like they have people lining up for night shift. Got people who prefer nights , who cope with nights but put them on day shift and put people who don’t like nights on them instead. Where’s the logic there I ask you? The mind boggles. Ok rant over lol

  2. Neva LaVia Borowski

    I started my nursing career working evenings which usually overlapped with nights. I realized i could make more shift diff and opps for extra shift staying over and then eventually switched to nights. Once my children could feed and dress themselves i realized i could be there for them if I worked nights. I would sleep while they were in school and be there for dinner homework and bedtime. Also if they were sick i didn’t have to call off. I can make all my appts for after work saving my PDO for actual fun. I worked days for last 3 1/2 years and it was challenging getting up early and dealing with alot of drama that usually did not relate to patients but staff. I am currently night manager and I love being my own boss and my staff are like family. Close knit and so awesome. I also feel very calm and less anxious. Just works for me:)

  3. Carol Pool Sadler

    I worked both shifts at different times, in different settings. When I have worked in the hospital setting, I overall prefer night shift. The people on nights tend to pull together, work as a team better in my experieince. One thing I noticed was that often, new hires put in their “time on nights” and have to wait for an available day shift opening- except fro those with shaky skills. They go to days “at the speed of light”- to have closer supervision. My husband, also a nurse, and I chosse nights early in our careers so we could be there for the kids, much as Neva LaVia Borowski, states. We had good luck finding High School girls to sleep in the house, in case of fire and to supervise getting up in the morning for school. Most of the hospital jobs I had, night shift was heavy with experienced, long term staff that choose to stay on nights. I eventually reached a point in my life where I simply couldn’t rest well sleeping days and had to go to days. I think each shift has it’s strong points and times they work better in your life. One thing I tell nurses that complain about their career is- if you aren’t happy in your job, look around and find something you can enjoy! There are so many ways to be a nurse and help others, don’t stay in a bad fit for you!