Should nursing students go directly to grad school?

The countdown is on! 7 months and I get to don my cap and gown and then proudly get my pin, prep for that NCLEX and get to work as an RN! It’s been a long time coming and while there are still 2 1/2 quarters to get through, there’s finally a light at the end of this 3 year tunnel. But while we’re trying to get through our classes and figure out what our futures might hold, we’re also faced with the thought of …more school?
Do I want to start grad school right off the bat? Obviously this would be something I would do while working – I personally think it’s important to get that clinical experience in if you’re going to get your MSN and/or NP. But the thought of having to get back into the classroom is kind of daunting. Especially while starting a new job, and trying to get my life back after 3 years of nursing school – which for me includes a wedding! Do I really want to start looking at another 2 years of projects and papers and exams? I’m not sure I can picture it.

At the same time, you hear the adage that once you leave you aren’t going to want to come back. If I’m feeling this way about going back to school now, am I going to be able to bring myself to do it once I’ve been out of school?  I’ve always liked school, so I think I’ve got that going for me in the argument of going back, but you never know what life is going to throw your way. I just don’t know.

What are your thoughts nurses?  How long did you wait before going back to school?  Students: what are your thoughts?

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