Sicko and Costco?

So it was movie night in our home last night and our original documentary of choice was “Who Killed the Electric Car?” but that had been checked out already from our local video store so we checked out Sicko by Michael Moore.
The movie overall had some very interesting points and even though he lost me towards the end (if you have seen the movie: USC does not “own” LA County hospital…they are merely affiliated with it and that is how 99% of the cash paying patients — meaning uninsured– get their health care) he has some pretty thought provoking stories.

All in all, we could probably agree, our health care system (driven by insurance companies) needs some serious renovations.


So this morning we went to Costco and it got me to thinking…I can buy granola bars in bulk, more tube socks than I know what to do with, and enough pluats to feed the county…why can’t I get health care in bulk?

Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

Like you could buy four PMD visits for the price of three; you could get six months worth of insulin at rock bottom prices; you could get a “teenage boy package” that includes one broken bone, casting, sutures, suture removal and physical therapy all for the price of an x-ray. Just sell it in bulk, problem solved!

And, how great would it be to pick up your dinner, detergent, and a kicky pair of pants all at the same time?!? Hey, maybe Costco and I can start a partnership…..

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