Signs & Symptoms Of A Bully Nurse

Shutterstock | Edw
There are some nurses whose mission it is, for whatever reason, to bully and exclude other nurses. Statistically speaking, bullying leads to unneeded stress, anxiety, and sometimes burnout. Nurses actually leave the profession as a result of being bullied. It is not a reflection of them or that they are weak.

It has nothing to do with them in fact. It is the reflection of a broken and dated system that ignores the silent abuses of bullying. It goes far beyond someone getting their feelings hurt.

Research has shown that the effects of bullying can trickle down to the patient and actually adversely affect patient outcomes. Let me repeat that-bullying can adversely affect patient outcomes!!!

I quit what I thought would be my dream job years ago because of the open and accepted bullying of new nurses that occurred. It did not matter if you were a new grad or seasoned nurse, you were bullied the same. The turnover in the unit was incredible, yet management looked the other way.

Newbies would suffer in silence until they got their year in and then quickly looked elsewhere. How sad is that??? A highly respected hospital that ignores and allows bullying.

I think most nurse bullies are well aware of who they are, but here are a few signs and symptoms of a bully nurse for any newbies in the profession.

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