Six Innovative Bathroom Technologies You Won’t Believe


There is a famous saying that water and technology don’t mix well. This is not accurate in this era. In the world that we live in, technology has use and place in everything, even in our bathrooms as well. Modern home technology is making lives so easy and efficient. The real estate buyers of this decade are Millennials, so the infusion of technology is an obvious characteristic. If you are about to renovate your home, keep reading because we have jotted down a list of innovative bathroom technologies.

In today’s market, the majority of innovations are centered around gadgets that automate home electronic systems. Smartphones, for example, enable us to operate lights, security, temperature, and even blinds at the touch of a button. The internet has become so ingrained in our lives that we even listen to music while we’re showering, which shows the need for the Internet of Things. For the IoT to work, you need your smart devices to be connected to the internet. One of the most reliable internet service providers is Kinetic Windstream, so reach out to Kinetic customer service for more information on its internet deals and packages.

Here are some of the technologies that can challenge the traditional take on bathroom designs:

1. Chromatherapy Lights

Have you ever noticed how the light in the room can put you in a certain mood? This is because our bodies react differently in different lights. For example, yellow and golden light can give us a boost of energy. The white and blue light can put us in a relaxing mood and soothe our nerves. Now thanks to chromatherapy light technology for bathrooms, you can set your own mood. Choose the color of light that you want for a long relaxing bath. With these lights, you can also set the brightness to customize your experience.

2. Smart LED Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s using the best bathroom tech of us all? If you want to add magic to your life, get these LED mirrors for your bathrooms. For starters, they have this modern and futuristic look. Then, they can even answer your questions like what’s the weather forecast for today and what is supposed to be on your calendar. With a mirror, you can check your traffic route and keep your coffee ready before you even leave the room. So, this mirror isn’t only showing you what you want but also helps you out with your routine tasks.

3. Privacy Glass

This technology basically allows you to change between the opacity and transparency of your bathroom glass. This innovation is such that the glass will allow natural light to pass through for you but on the outside, it totally blocks the vision. You can change the transparency level from your smartphone or other smart devices.

So, instead of using regular curtains that are difficult to maintain and clean, this glass will give you multiple privacy options. Apart from the cool look, it is energy efficient too as it lets the natural light come in.

4. Water Saving Digital Faucets

The latest technology in the bathroom world is these water-saving digital faucets. These give you a perfect chance to become eco-savvy along with a tech-savvy person. The digital faucet not only saves water but energy as well. The tap flow is reduced, so it saves water and with the temperature control setting, the energy is saved.

The faucets are also adorned with touchless technology. The tap is automatically closed when the faucet reads that the user’s hand is no more under it. This happens through infrared technology. Other features include a programmable time limit for bath and tooth-brushing.

5. Smart Bathrooms Innovations

Modern bathroom technology is coming with features that add to your good health as well. One example is touchless technology where the tools just read your presence and function accordingly. The new building material is made up of such stones that reduce wastage and are healthy to use with water and steam in the bathroom. Some smart bathroom mats can read your weight and give you your health insights as well. Soaking tubs can increase your blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve joint and muscle pain, etc.

6. Entertainment-adorned Bathrooms

Your bathroom singing talent isn’t going to be your only bathtime entertainment. There’s so much more that you can do now. If you’re watching an intense sports match on TV and don’t want to go to the bathroom so that you don’t miss it, don’t worry anymore. With new technology, you can project your TV on bathroom glass.

With Bluetooth speakers, your time in the bathroom can become relaxing or fun, depending on the choice of music that you play. You can also have rich aromatherapy by using oils of your choice with a smart device. The lights you put in your bathroom can improve your mood no matter how bad it is.


Now that we’ve provided you with the list of what’s new in the bathroom tech world, get ready to do some shopping. Your new bathroom deserves a touch of these latest technologies. So whether you’re looking for energy consumption, a healthy environment, or some entertainment, you can have the bathroom of your choice.


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