Expressions: Sketch therapy — healing patients through art


From the Fall 2010 issue of Scrubs
“I never really considered myself an artist,” says Anne Goldschadt, a nurse in the mental health unitat Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minn. Goldschadt has, however, nurtured her desire to draw since she was a little girl. And she continues to do so—even on the job. “I like to sit with my patients and let them talk about what makes them happy,” says Goldschadt, who draws while she listens. She gives patients her handiwork to keep as a reminder of untroubled times. The favorable effect on her patients’ moods has, in turn, inspired another positive shift: Goldschadt is reconsidering herself as an artist, conceding, “Maybe I do know what I’m doing….”

—Renee Schettler


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