Skipping down the hallways?

Jupiter Images | Comstock | Getty Images

Some New Year resolutions stick more than others. I heard that one of the top three resolutions was to get in better shape and to be healthier. I resolved to do this myself, and started to brainstorm ideas of how I could do this at work. I was thinking of parking further from the elevator, taking the stairs when possible, you know, the usual stuff.

Then I started thinking about transporting patients. Usually this is one of my least favorite tasks. But I began to look at it from a fitness point of view. Pushing a gurney with a patient on it can be a great work out for your legs…when the patient is off the gurney you can walk a little faster and get some cardio in. If someone is transporting with you, you could do a few lunges in the elevator and skip on the way back to your department (of course, as long as you don’t get hurt and there aren’t any patients around…I don’t know how professional ‘skipping’ would look on your yearly evaluation).

Now I am excited to transport patients and get some fitness in!! And as much as I can, I’m going to try to avoid those donuts and mini candies that lurk in the break room and threaten to ruin all my good, healthy intentions.

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