Snow day for nursing?

Hemera | Thinkstock

I live in southern California, land of sunny summers almost all year long. Right?  WRONG! I was driving home today when the rain hitting my windshield suddenly started lingering a little longer, looking a little grainier. By the time I noticed that it was icy, it was full blown snowing on the freeway! Like snowing to the point where it was turning everything white, not just melting into brown slush on the road. And while we weren’t cruising at high speeds to start, everything started slowing down. I don’t know if it was just the sheer shock of it all, but we were at a stand still on the freeway for no reason!

Sure it was nice to watch the snow fall while we could, but if you thought Angelenos couldn’t drive in the rain, you should see us in the snow! You would think five miles an hour was speeding down the road at the snail’s pace we were driving at. My question is: to all of you who live in snowy areas, HOW DO YOU MAKE IT TO WORK ON TIME!?!?  I mean, here we account for traffic time when we’re commuting in the morning and at night, but do you have to account for snow time? Do you get used to it and just drive fast? I used to think that snow was fun and exciting, and it would be great to live somewhere where it happened all the time, but now I am having second thoughts.

The thing is with southern California, is that it does snow… just not where most people live. We can go to the mountains for the weekend, enjoy it, and then come back home.  But when you’re surrounded by it, how do you go about your lives? I am genuinely curious. What happens? Can you take a snow day from work if you can’t get out of the driveway? Does it come out of your sick time? What’s it like in places where you really do have a white winter, but life still goes on?

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