So you failed your NCLEX…

So it happened—you failed your NCLEX. Which leaves you with a few options. You could:
a. Let defeat crush you and move on to an alternative, not-so-dream job.

b. Stick to your original plan, study habits included, and give it another go.

c. Stand up, brush yourself off and prepare yourself for round two…only this time, armed with a whole new method of approach.

Now, if you’re leaning toward option “C” (and we do hope that you are!), we’re here to help you see things through. First, give yourself a moment to recover. Then check out this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat and kickstart your latest and greatest attempt at the NCLEX with a few words of encouragement and wisdom from somebody who has faced many a test and lived to tell the nursey tale.

Gearing up for another dose of the big day? Share any other test prep questions or concerns you might have with Katie, as well as the Scrubs community, in the comments section below.

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