Social Validation in Nursing

Lifting Each Other Up

Forbes once said of social validation, “In its traditional definition, social validation is a psychological phenomenon where one or more passive individuals follow or conform to the actions of others within a group.”

Influencers have surfaced everywhere thanks to the Internet, from Instagram models to Facebook groups. Nurses are no exception to this phenomenon and are playing a huge part in social validation. Personalities such as Katie Duke, Nurse Mendoza and Lauren Drain have amassed huge numbers of followers simply by living their day to day lives. Using their industry as a platform, their expertise in their chosen fields and like-ability factors influence millions.

In general, most people feel good when they know others value them, and this is why social validation is so important. It gives us a glimpse of what others think of us, what others know about us, and how others perceive us. When all is said and done, some people need more social validation than others; many of us know we are good enough, we are capable, and we are needed. Sometimes, we just need to make sure that the right people know it, too.

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Michael Harbron

Michael Harbron is the Editor in Chief of Scrubs Magazine.

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