Part 1: Exclusive Interview With Sofia Vergara

We are so fortunate to get an exclusive interview with actress Sofia Vergara, who shares the inspiration behind her new line of scrubs for nurses!
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SCRUBS: It’s exciting and unique to see a line of scrubs created by someone who is so well-respected as both an award-winning actress and a successful businesswoman. How did your relationship with the healthcare community inspire you to create your scrubs collection?

SOFIA: The reason I created the Sofia Vergara brand was to enhance the lives of women, especially working women—and nurses are among the hardest-working people I know! I’ve also had many opportunities to interact with nurses and healthcare workers on a personal level. I was impressed with the passion and dedication that they bring to their jobs. Nurses deal with difficult, life-changing situations every day, and they do it with such compassion and professionalism. I wanted to honor the amazing work nurses do.

SCRUBS: When you look at the Careisma by Sofia Vergara line, the colors, the fit, the prints, all scream “Sofia” to me. How did you choose them?

SOFIA: It really was a collaboration. My collection is about embracing your curves, feeling feminine and being fearless. I think that nurses are all of these things and more, and I wanted to offer scrubs to celebrate those aspects of their personality. The colors are bold, just like me. Actually, I worked closely with talented industry designers who have developed products for leading scrubs brands and figured out how to bring as much of my style and philosophy to the collection as possible. For me, it’s all about comfort, fashion, and how the clothes fit my body. The Careisma by Sofia Vergara collection features figure-flattering styling in a beautiful assortment of solid colors and fashionable animal prints. I think a woman should be allowed to look and feel like a woman—while still looking professional.

SCRUBS: Why do you think expressing one’s personality at work is so important?

SOFIA: I have always believed self-expression is essential to happiness. I’ve seen how hard nurses work, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to proudly embrace their feminine side, their funny side, or their sassy side, while still being professional. I think it’s all about being authentic in a compassionate and inspiring way.

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