Sometimes nurses need a doctor too!

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Have you ever had a bad doctor’s experience? As nurses, I think that we have an insider’s view into the medical profession and not all doctors (or nurses) are built alike. The nicest doctor I ever saw examined me in one room and then had me get dressed and took me to his office and actually listened to me. He really, really, really listened to me and seemed to actually care.

The worst doctor I’ve ever seen, technically, I never really saw him.

After waiting 45 minutes for my appointment and still not seeing the doctor, I got up and walked out. I figured if it was going to take 45 minutes just to get in a room, how long was I going to sit freezing cold in a paper gown waiting for him? Even us nurses (notoriously terrible patients) need help every now and then and we need to find a good doctor. Here are the top five things anyone can look for in your doctor:

1). Respectful (of you, your time, your knowledge)

2). Gives you information … just the right amount… not too little, not too much.

3). You get along. I always say, if you don’t get my jokes, this relationship is doomed.

4). He or she really listens. I mean really.

5). He or she is reachable…either by phone or email. I’ve even texted a doctor before!!!

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