Special nurse days in April!


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We know, we know: Those April showers get old quickly! But there’s a lot to celebrate in April, nurses—not the least of which is YOU! Check out these special nurse days in April for you to acknowledge, and before you know it, the May flowers will be in bloom!

Nursing factoids
April 4, 1802: Dorothea Dix was born in Hampden, Maine.
April 12, 1912: Clara Barton died.
April 16, 1947: The Army-Navy Nurse Act grants commission status to military nurses.
April 25, 1893: The Nightingale Pledge was recited for the first time in Detroit, Mich.

Circle these dates
April 2-8: National Public Health Week
April 7: World Health Day
April 9-15: Patient Advocacy Week
April 12: Radiology Nurses Day
April 22-28: National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

April is also:
National Minority Health Month
National Occupational Therapy Month
National Foot Health Awareness Month
March for Babies

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