Highest-paying nurse specialties

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15 Responses to Highest-paying nurse specialties

  1. kathy197p

    what about wound ostomy Continence nurses? I am sure they are in the top 5.

  2. lexy_bsn

    Im a pediatric nurse. I wish you were right about the specialty but you left out the biggest requirement: You have to live in a big city. All of the smaller cities & even a good portion of larger ones are getting rid of pediatric floors. Our hospital has had one since it opened over a century ago & they are one of the last outside of a major metropolitan area to have a separate floor. But that is changing. Our manager is retiring next may & we are going to be absorbed into an adult floor. Its so sad because there goes all of the training for the speciality….


    Sorry I made over $160,000 as a Legal Nurse Consultant working in the ER teaching physicians about prevention of insurance fraud. RN Case Managers with an ASN, BSN, or MSN all can make over that amount as well working in the Utilization Review departments. Of course major large cities pay the most, but generally I have found in my travel nursing career that staff case managers make the most even in smaller communities, as case management positions are part of the management team of a hospital. Many case managers are salaried but even salaried if it is in a large city the salaries are well over $100,000/yr. As a LNC I set my own wages. In other areas of nursing, even in travel nursing, a nurse has the ability to set their own wages as well.

    • rosie110 RN

      Medicaid set aside nurses as well as Workers Comp/Disability case manangers make excellent salaries. Bonus is many of these positions are work from home:)

      • melrn

        How do you go about getting this kind of nursing position? Thank you.

    • melrn

      Hi, what did you do to specialize and what kind of program did you do? Thank you :)

    • name

      whats the most rn case managers make? well over 100,000 yr, but whats the exact medium and high estimate of what they make? how many years of schooling and experience will it take to make that?

    • ryaninmtv

      Concur. I’m a case manager/life care planner and if you can break into the field it can be very lucrative.

  4. EPAli

    Where is the Electrophyiology RN (EP LAB, RN?) Electrophysiology RN’s are some of the most sought after RN’s/RN positions out there! Starting salaries (in a large city) are about $72,800.00!

  5. beliefnhope Caption Contest

    There are multiple variables with any salary. Certainly larger cities will pay more than smaller communities. Plus states with higher costs of living will have higher salaries than lower cost of living states. Of course as with any career the more credentials and training you have, the more you will make.

  6. LisaL

    Where does Informatics Nurse fall within these top specialty salaries? I was surprised not to see it at the top of the list??

  7. FNP2Be APN

    I agree with many of you that these examples are very vague examples of nursing specialties. The exciting part of our profession is that it is so varied, but sometimes the less known specialties get over looked. I love all of your suggested specialties, and feel that is a better representation of high paid nursing specialties without listing 8 out of 10 as APN degrees. Much of their salary information is WAY outdated also!! Example: Advance Magazine for NP & PA’s 2012 Salary Survey showed general NPs (APN, or FNP) to make an average of 90K with highs being 120s. My rural Midwestern community offers new grad FNPs 95K with tuition reimbursement for years worked in contract.

  8. Dewi64

    Dialysis is not mentioned…that’s pretty specialized? Whats that in the ‘ranking’?

  9. PlacementRN

    Not sure I agree about the salaries on peds/case management/ortho…at our facility, wages are restricted. No compensation given for degrees–ADN’s make the same as BSN on floors, all staff subject to same pay grades. Managers are salaried, but for the amount of time they give versus floor nursing, it’s not worth it. Going from floor nursing to a desk job actually has cost me thousands–my pay grade was cut, and my hours have been cut since the salary cut. Very demeaning after 30 years in the business, yet I am nowhere near retirement age!

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