Spring scrubs styles for 2013

Dickies Medical Apparel

The winter solstice is well past and the days are getting longer every day. It’s time to stop letting seasonal affective disorder dictate your work wardrobe. No more SAD scrubs! Let your sense of style bloom with these springtime pieces.



Do You Remember When Rock Was Young?
Croc Rock from the Light Up the Night collection infuses a slinky black reptilian print with frosted pink and fuchsia for a feminine look. We think this is much more stylish than the Crocs some nurses regularly wear to work. Would Sir Elton agree?

Croc Rock

Fancy, Fancy, Tops and Pantsy
When you wear a print scrubs top and matching pants, there is always the risk that you’ll look as if you forgot to change out of your pajamas before coming to work. This Trunk Show print gives us a good example of how to avoid that fate. The little blue elephants do scream “sleepwear,” but the sharp-looking pocket trim and lined waistband of the pants save this set from appearing childish.

Fancy Tops

Fancy Pantsy

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3 Responses to Spring scrubs styles for 2013

  1. jljohnson0308

    Being a plus size scrub wearer. I love the new feature on dickies.com. They help you pick scrubs to best fit your body type. The best scrubs to fit me were empire waist top and flare leg pants to balance my curves.

  2. Mommynator Student

    I agree with you, jljohnson0308. Being a larger woman, I need a different shape from that monolithic scrub top.