Stock photo nurses vs. real nurses

And stock photo doctors are always relieved and publicly acknowledge when a stock photo nurse prevents catastrophe using his or her own knowledge.

Now, real-world nurses are often wondering where the doctor could have possibly disappeared to for an hour and a half.

5. When stock photo nurses are having a particularly difficult day, it’s easy for them to privately experience and then assess their emotions before reaching a state of tranquility.

So much so that they don’t even bother to wear waterproof makeup.

On the other hand, real-world nurses have real trying days. And every so often, a spontaneous breakdown occurs (for no particular reason at all) that looks more like this:

Or this:

6. Stock photo nurses only see patients who are immensely grateful, kind and cooperative.

Did we mention adorable? Because they’re that, too.

Real-world nurses are constantly trying to explain to their patients that a web diagnosis is not official, and that their condition hasn’t improved because they refuse to take the medication prescribed during their last visit.

Or just kind of busy trying to avoid the patient in Room 3 who’s been labeled “a biter.”

7. And finally, stock photo nurses meet up with their stock photo nurse friends over the weekend to lounge on a beach, drink and laugh heartily.

Real-world nurses spend their weekends more like this:

Or this:

But that’s only because real-world nurses tend to exhaust themselves saving real-world lives, and we’re willing to wager that’s much more satisfying (and deserves a pizza).

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