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Cancer Survivor… Now Investor

In 1988, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

That summer, I walked into a Urologist’s office and told him I thought I needed a tumor removed from my testicle.  I was right.

After removing my testicle, at the time, the traditional next step was a lymphoid dissection which had cautionary tales as they were located danger close to my reproductive organs.

I was given the choice of surgery, or go into a study at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where a Harvard Doctor would review markers of my frequent blood testing to see if the cancer had spread.  A 70% historical no find of additional cancer from surgery was an easy decision for a young guy, no girlfriend and always wanted a family.

That process etched a memory, of compassionate nurses, happy kids with cancer and the role of testing and science seeing improved cancer outcomes.

Well, I survived and today I am the finder of investments for a Hedge Fund.  In our diversified portfolio are several companies seeking Cannabis solutions to cancer treatment, maybe one day prevention.  Example: One World Cannabis Pharmaceuticals has a Harvard Doctor, in a prestigious Israel hospital, is studying a topical cream for melanoma and PTSD treatment utilizing Cannabis.

Every day I thank God for surviving.  Recently, I walked away from a lunch with the leadership team of the company thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if my current investment one day brought relief and solutions to my kids or someone I know? 


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