Stories From Cancer Survivors: Two-Time Survivor

I have been diagnosed with cancer on two occasions. Once in 2003 with prostate cancer and in 2011 with colon cancer. I have had 2 surgeries and one round of chemo. During my chemo, after my first session, I contracted a staff infection from when the port was inserted.
What did the nurses do? Well, the way I see it nurses almost act in a stealth capacity. Most people really only notice the nurses when they need one right away and can’t find them That was never the case. My nurses were friendly and efficient. They were always very personable and accommodating. Look it can’t be easy going from room-to-room dealing with people who are seriously ill. But my nurses always displayed a level of professionalism that I admired.

They took routine tests, came in to check on me, were attentive and pleasant. I am one final visit away from being declared five years free of cancer so I consider myself a two-time survivor. When I go back each six months I always make it a point to stop by the chemo pod and say hi to the nurses who are there. In my own way I hope it helps them to see the results of their good work.



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