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Stories From Cancer Survivors: Kid Of St. Baldrick’s


9-year old Elise Robinson was honored Kid Of The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants. Elise was so influenced by her nursing staff during of the scariest and challenging parts of her life, that she now wants to become a nurse. She has her heart set on being a nurse on the same floor of the same hospital she was treated because they changed the way she looked at treatment.
Her treatment included chemotherapy and ultimately led to a rotationplasty, an amputation where the middle part of her leg, including her knee, would be removed and the remaining part of her bottom leg rotated 18-degrees and reattached to her thigh. The remaining foot and ankle then function as a knee joint, allowing for a more functional prosthetic leg because it is a natural joint.

Elise actually voiced this was the option she wanted when faced with two others. She’s an amazing girl, wise beyond her years who we believe would make a phenomenal nurse!



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